The most wanted Charcuterie Plate on the Linq Promenade

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This Is Not Your Average Cheese And Charcuterie Plate!

If you find yourself on this page, then you are certainly looking for a good plate of charcuterie on the Strip in Las Vegas. Because at the time of the aperitif or just to tingle, nothing better to pair with a good bottle of wine.

So you clicked on one of our photos, whether on Google, on our site, or on social networks. And now you are wondering what our charcuterie plate can have that is worth the trip.

The cold cuts :

An assortment that can vary according to the market but which always includes the best fresh French products.

The idea is to present a variety of cold meats ranging from pork to grison to satisfy different taste buds and surprise you. 3 to 4 slices per person, as stated in the standard, of course.

All in a presentation that combines aesthetics and practicality, and which offers a variety of attractive colors. Another intragram worthy dish

The pâté or the terrine:

This creamy paste made from meat, vegetables and spices is to the taste of many people. A classic.

Cheese :

Because cheese is the “right hand” of charcuterie in France, we offer a range of different cheeses: from hard to soft. The most popular cheeses in general are Roquefort, Mozzarella, Brie or Camembert and Gruyère. But it can vary.

Bread and crackers:

If some think that the essential elements to accompany cheese, cold cuts and pâté are crackers, at Favorite Bistro we have opted for a traditional baguette. Bringing you the real taste France.

Fruits and nuts:

Fresh fruits such as grapes, apples, pears, red fruits, or raisins… can be associated with certain cheeses or cold meats in order to taste additional flavors.

Dried fruits and nuts are generally used to clean the puck between each tasting.

Pickles and special ingredients:

Pickles are essential in our charcuterie plate.

The sauces :

Also called “dip”, these sauces are ideal to accompany a rich and varied tasting platter.

And voila, you now know our recipe for a charcuterie dish that you can enjoy. Do not wait any longer, book your table and taste it.

By the way, if you do not drink alcohol, Cola drinks will be your best options when tasting the non-alcoholic charcuterie platter, bringing more contrast to the tastes.

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