Introducing French fare with an American flair. The first U.S. location from pedigreed restaurateurs Thierry Bourdoncle and Ariane de Senneville of Group Bourdoncle. Favorite Bistro looks to liberate the presumed French dining experience from white tablecloths and replace it with lively ambiance and cuisine imported from their famed locations found in France’s favorite cities.







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Don’t miss out on a culinary journey through France – book your table now and savor the authentic flavors and charming ambiance at our bistro!”

Favorite Bistro

The French Bistro concept

The renowned third-generation bistro operators from Paris, known for Le Hibou, Cafe St-Regis, Le Café Mabillon, and Senequier in St-Tropez, have opened a new 2,500-square-foot restaurant.

Its interior, crafted by a Parisian team with extensive millwork expertise, offers a menu of comforting French classics like French onion soup, Steak Frites, and Croque Monsieur.

Plus daily brunch options such as brioche French toast and lobster Benedict.

The wine selection, sourced from their own Domaine la Rouillere vineyard, complements a range of French-American cocktails, perfect for patio enjoyment and people watching.


Favorite Bistro, your go-to spot in Las Vegas for versatile French cuisine. Catering to all tastes and budgets, this place offers an experience from casual comfort to high-end elegance. It’s truly a destination for everyone who craves a French culinary journey.