Advocado Or French Toast

Favorite Bistro: One of the Best Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants on The LINQ Promenade

Either if you want to eat a quick meal before your morning meeting, or if you are looking for some delicious food after an all-night party, The Favorite Bistro is one of the first places that come to mind on the Linq Promenade. From early opening time from (8 am), you will find a variety of breakfast options suitable for hangover people, Hungry people, or even Special deals chasers.

Breakfast on the patio, or inside

There are many options when it comes to breakfast on The LINQ Promenade but n COVID times, outdoor patios have become the place to be.

The Patio is heated in the winter, making it the perfect spot to have breakfast with family, friends or that special someone and enjoy the beautiful views of Vegas.

Located in the centre of The LINQ Promenade, you can enjoy tasty food on a nice patio with our beautiful view that includes the iconic High Roller coaster and the famous Zipline.

And if you like people watching, this is the perfect spot for you as the LINQ promenade offers a variety of visitors every day;).

If you’d rather de inside or by the bar watching sports tv, for example, we have that too.

The Favorite Bistro has a bar where you can enjoy tasty, freshly made, American or European breakfasts.

Breakfast for the hungry ones…. and for the hangover

Late night parties are part of Las Vegas nightlife, so a good breakfast is needed to recover from the hangover. And Some days you just can’t get enough of food, so The Favorite Bistro has got something delicious prepared for those who are always looking to eat more.

We offer a variety of eggs benedict options, served with your favourite ingredients. The Favorite Bistro offers four variations for those who like to add a little spice in their life:

-Eggs Benedict, with its8canadian poached eggs, and hollandaise.
-FLORENTINE BENEDICT : creamy spinach, poached eggs, hollandaise. Served on a croissant with fingerling potatoes, onions & thyme.
-SMOKED SALMON EGG BENEDICT, Served on a croissant with fingerling potatoes, onions & thyme
-LOBSTER EGG BENEDICT, creamy spinach, poached eggs, hollandaise. Served on a croissant with fingerling potatoes, onions & thyme.

Egg Benedict And Potatoes

The House special Bloody Mary is like a meal you can drink. Really popular on Instagram, it includes 2 beef sliders 2 chicken wings 2 slices of bacon fried pickled onion rings celery & tomato. It is served with a side of fries or salad.

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The massive Hangover Burger is a ½ lb, Black Angus, with caramelized onions, swiss cheese, cheese sauce, fries with bacon, ketchup demi, mayo, and sunny side up egg is a must-have if you are looking to recover from a party.

Cheeseburger 1


Breakfast for the sweet teeth

Many would prefer comfort food when it comes to breakfast. The Favorite Bistro offers a wide range of options for those with sweet teeth, from pancakes to french toast.


French Toast
The Elvis

The Elvis 112020

These are only some options from our menu. We have plenty of options that will satisfy all kinds of demand as well, from omelettes to waffles.

Special Deal

Our Steak and Eggs special ($18.95) is one of the best brunch deals on the Linq Promenade. It includes a tasty steak, two eggs in any style and your choice of potatoes.

We also offer special AM Kick Start cocktails for those who want a little morning drink to wake up. The Mimosa Pitcher, for example, is made with vodka, champagne and orange juice.

Steak And Eggs

Healthy breakfast

Enjoying Las Vegas is not only about having fun but also about taking care of ourselves.

When it comes to breakfast, the Favorite Bistro is your go-to place for tasty and healthy choices.


We offer a wide range of options that will satisfy all kinds of healthy demand as well, from fresh fruit plate, smoked salmon avocado toast, vegetarian omelette, or our new creation: The Impossible burger. A vegan burger generating a lot of great reviews on the web. “..: Trust and believe, if you are Vegan the Impossible burger served here is OUTSTANDING!!!! It is seasoned to perfection. You will be full but will want to eat it all, well I did. I should have kidnapped the Chef, lol.” Shelia Hunter, on Google maps.

Advocado Or French Toast


What are you waiting for ?

So whether you are looking for tasty food and a great view, or if you want to enjoy your morning coffee on our patio, The Favorite Bistro is one of the choices that come first in mind when it comes to breakfast & brunch options on The LINQ Promenade.

You want to know more about our delicious food, follow us on Instagram where you will be able to see all of our most instagrammable food.

And if you still don’t know where to have your next breakfast on the LINQ Promenade, you can book your table here or pay a visit anytime at the restaurant

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