Ice Cream Balls In A Ice Sculpture In Front Of The Linq Wheel

Some of the most instagrammable food on the Linq promenade in Las Vegas

Pictures, or it didn’t happen! Call it #foodporn or #instafood, the trend is here to stay. Capturing food photos for your Instagram is as much a part of the dining experience as actually enjoying the cuisine itself nowadays.

If you’re on the hunt for aesthetically pleasing shots of good food, you may consider  our French brasserie a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.  We bring you some of the most creative and eye-catching Insta-worthy dishes on the Linq Promenade, as well as some tips on how to take picture-perfect snaps and bring your shots to mouth-watering new heights.

So, get your camera ready, lick your fingers, take a snap and let’s get viral on your social networks with our following photo-worthy chef suggestion.


Not because we can rely on our Award winning Pastry Chef Claude Escamila means that we forget to bring quality and attention to classics like ice creams . This Amazing Dessert is definitely a photogenic must have when you visit.

Passion fruit gelato, coconut gelato, strawberry sorbet on a bed of fruit salad and passion fruit sauce in an ice sculpture. You need this dessert on your feed .

The best pictures so far of this dessert are taken on our terrace., whether it is by day or night. It is a really colourful piece that plays well with the vibe of the Linq promenade and the Ferris Wheel. The most viral shots use shallow depth of field or portrait mode.


Definitely a favorite on Instagram : an oversized Bloody Mary you can eat ! Just in case you are not sure either you want to have a drink or dinner.

One of the most Instagrammable Bloody Mary’s in Las Vegas. It’s essentially an entire meal with a “Favorite” Twist on it!

BBQ slider, 2 Mac & cheese Balls, 2 chicken wings, bacon, 10 onion rings and a Veggie mix…  The most impressive hangover cure made ever.  An ideal liquid lunch  to enjoy our outdoor patio and cool down in the shade sipping one of these elaborate creations!

As this liquid lunch is a creative piece on its own, all you need to do is to take advantage of its gigantism. We found top views to be particularly efficient. Shallow depth of field helps  getting the details of this meal in a cup’s composition. 

You could also get inspired by our community manager’s slow-mo on Instagram


Why not try one of our specialty cocktails while you’re wandering the @linqpromenade? This beautiful crystal cranberry cocktail in one of our Ice sculptures is calling your name and is definitely worth taking an eye-catching photo of too.

Because of the light, it allows for great shot either by day or night. Condensation is definitely a factor to consider if you want your followers to feel the freshness.

Possibly one of  the prettiest drinks to have at @favoritebistro., Your jaws might drop while taking this photo. Cheers !


The Strawberry shortcake bake Alaska (strawberry sorbet and vanilla gelato, almond shortcake, strawberry sauce, meringue, Cointreau flambé) is hands down one of the best desserts you’ll ever have.  Everything from the taste to the presentation makes it a must get at Favorite Bistro.

It will make your mouth water and make you want to rush while taking your picture. As flamed dessert, it has no shortage of possible Instagram moments especially in the night time. You could play with this light effect or with its texture.  Although we think it is cooler for videos or Gifs.

4/ Macarron Milkshake

This French influenced macaroon Milkshake available in chocolate and vanilla represents any Food Lover’s Fantasy . You might need some help finishing it and taking a picture of it.

The homemade Macaroons and rainbow look more than instagrammable with the Linq promenade as a background, making powerful, fun and vibrant shots

What ingredient who you rather outstand on your Photo, Homemade Macaroons,  Chocolate Ice Cream, Rainbow Lollipop, Chocolate dipped Pretzels, Sprinkled Gummy Bears, Sprinkles or Whipped Cream ? C’est magnifique !

Get your camera ready

Instagrammable food photos are a much sought-after commodity these days. But what does it take to capture the perfect shot? You’ll want to first think about all of the factors that go into taking an aesthetically beautiful photo, like lighting and composition. However, there’s one thing you can’t overlook–the location! If your restaurant doesn’t already have great natural light or scenery for photogenic backgrounds, try looking for locations nearby with good lighting and interesting backdrops. Check out Favorite Bistro at The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas if you’re feeling inspired by their instagrammable dishes and amazing location with its Zipeline and high roller coaster. ! Book a table today or follow us on Instragram

We’d also love to know your thoughts on our insta-worthy food and how you would picture them. Are you feeling inspired ? Please leave a comment below or tag us @favoritebistro.

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