Thanksgiving Special 2022

ThanksGiving Turkey Special Dinner and dessert

This year, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving dinner on the strip!

At Favorite Bistro Las Vegas, we’ve got a special menu to let you enjoy your favorite turkey dinner without having to deal with the usual stress of cooking.

The holiday season is a time of great joy and celebration. Taking time out to enjoy the holidays is important, but it’s also important to take time to be healthy and balanced during the holidays.

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for people to relax, enjoy good food with loved ones, and not feel rushed.

For $34.95, you can join us for a delicious dinner with all the traditional sides.A great deal on Las Vegas Strip.

roasted organic turkey with traditional accompaniments
mashed potatoes
green beans and bacon
mac and cheese
cranberry sauce…
And Dessert !

And it’s all served in the nice atmosphere of a Parisian Bistro.

If you’re in Las Vegas during these days and you’re looking for somewhere nice to have dinner, without having to worry about rush hour traffic or parking in nearby lots, The Favorite Bistro is your place

For those who prefer something more casual, we even have vegan options! We hope that everyone has fun this Thanksgiving, full of gratitude for the people in their lives.


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